Panta Clean 35g, Panta Rhei


This special polysulfonic acid based cleaner is best suited for cleaning Hydro Wizard pumps. For use, 35 g are dissolved in 10 liters of lukewarm water. The Hydro Wizard is then inserted into the container and set in motion at the slowest stage. The Hydro Assistant remains in the cleaning solution for one hour. Thereafter, the cleaning solution is disposed of in the normal wastewater and replaced by clear water. Here the Hydro Wizard should run slowly for another hour. Thereafter, the pump can be re-inserted into the tank. If heavily soiled, a soft brush (eg a toothbrush) can be cleaned between the two procedures. 

Due to the nature of salt water, build-up should be regularly addressed for the health of your pump. Regular cleaning will ensure the smooth operation and long useful life of your pumps.