Panta Rhei Panta Lith 1000 ml




This product is designed for those who are trying to remove unwanted heavy metals and traces from their system.  After receiving results back from a Triton test, many people struggle to find a way to effectively and efficiently remove build ups of certain traces.  This product binds to them so other forms of filtration like carbon and skimming can remove them.  It is recommended to use prior to a water change as well. Can also be used regularly to "polish" the water due to its tendency to remove water column pollutants.   Just add to the aquarium and leave all filtration running.  The product will quickly bind to things in the water column and the filtration will then remove it.  Following the dosing with a water change later the same day or the following day can further help.  

Product is considered Reef Safe but proceed with caution when using or combining products as animal stress levels vary dependent on particular system variables. 

Manufacturer's recommended dosage:

Between water changes- add 10 ml of Panta Lith for 100 liter weekly for lightly stocked aquariums. Use 20 ml for normal stocking levels and up to 40 ml for heavily stocked aquariums. For water changes, add 20 ml of Panta Lith for 100 liters of new water.