Poly-Bio-Marine: 4x8" Poly Filter Pad



Filter + purify both fresh and salt water aquariums with this 4x8" poly-filter pad from Poly-Bio-Marine Inc. It is a formulation of a special patented material bonded to a synthetic matrix. 

It is non-toxic and harmless to biological filtration because it allows a sufficient amount of ammonia to reach the biological filter in order to sustain the bacteria culture. This poly-filter provides a supplemental means for removal of ammonia when the biological filter is unable to break down the excess ammonia and its concentration increases rapidly; thereby, adsorbing any excess ammonia while the biological filter readjusts to higher ammonia input levels.


Be AWARE that any Medication added to fresh and saltwater aquariums for treatment of diseased fish will automatically be removed by the poly-filter. Feel free to to install this filter post treatment. It is suggested to do so after the poly-filter has served its  intended purpose to avoid the chance of your fish being exposed to any toxins left over the medication(s).