Triton CaRx Media 10kg



Triton CaRx Media is a high purity calcium reactor medium for use in professional care systems such as in the Triton method and can be used in combination with Triton Infusion.

-High purity media preventing problems that occur from contamination.

-No silting preventing the efficient operation of calcium reactors

-Stable Ca/Alk output from the reactor

-Dissolves almost completely

-Very high density and therefore needs to be replaced less often than other reactor media.

-Very cost-effective for large aquariums in combination with Triton Infusion offers the possibility to use the Triton Method.

-The size of the material is optimized for calcium reactors.

-Recommended pH in reactor is 6.0-6.2

-Perfect for Dastaco Reactors but works in any reactor.

Pro Tip- If you want to raise the pH in your tank while using a calcium reactor, you can have the CaRx effluent dump into a cup in the sump that is then aerated.  The air bubbles will drive off co2, thus raising the pH. The effluent will spillover into the sump.

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