A brand new MarcoRocks reef tank in SouCal, 250g tank using Prime Cuts and Premium Shelf Rock

Here's a video of the 250g build, with Joseph Caparatta
Greg Carroll (The voice of Reefapalooza:)) finally got his big 250 gal reef and it’s ready to rock. He enlisted Joseph Caparattato design and build the Aqua-scape using a combination of MR’s finest products. The pvc bottom of this SPS reef received carefully selected Single Side Prime Cut pieces for solid foundational support. Above that sat the Premium Shelf rock mixed in with Key LargoMarcorocks. Once the design was complete, key pieces were removed and locked in forever with E-Marco-400 cement. This turned out beautifully! Can’t wait to see the next stage.

Pro Tip - when designing the size of the reef always subtract 20-30% of height from the final vision to account for the corals! Far too often the corals are growing where the fish wants to be swimming!