Available Now only at Unique: Panta Nouri Sponge & Nouri Polyp specialty foods for angels & butterflies

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Panta Nouri Sponge & Nouri Polyp specialty foods for angels & butterflies


Nouri Polyp and Nouri Sponge are two new specialty foods from Panta Rhei which are aiming to be some of the most natural diets ever produced for marine aquarium fish. As you might infer from their names, the headline ingredients of Nouri Polyp and Nouri Sponge are specifically targeted at marine butterflyfish and angelfishes.

Better known for their hot rod water pumps the Hydro Wizards, Panta Rhei has actually been trickling out very novel products and additives for discriminating freshwater hobbyists. The Panta Nouri line of aquarium fish foods are very unique in that all the recipe consists only of ingredients that fish would encounter in nature. So there is no soy, no legumes, no cereals and of course no warm blood meat (aka mammal protein).

The recipes for all the Panta Nouri foods are finely tuned to the special needs of the specific group of fish which they are dedicated to. For example, Panta Nouri Sponge is made with sponge skeletons, mainly horn skeletons, but also carbonate skeletons, together with the nutrient containing materials.

In the case of Panta Nouri Polyp, the specialty is the content of polyp tissue which is produced out of jelly fish. So both foods are developed for reef fish, one for the sponge grazers like angel fish, moorish idol and similar species and the other for polyp feeders like butterfly fish orharlequin filefish, and species with similar feeding preferences.

Aquarium author and friend of Reef Builders Tanne Hoff is one of the first reefers to get his hands on the new Panta Nouri Sponge and Polyp foods. Since Tanne has a home reef fish population consisting of some great butterflyfish, angelfish, and even harlequin filefish, he tested the new pelleted Panta Nouri Polyp and Nouri Sponge foods on video and you can see they eat it with gusto.

Granted, these fish were all already trained to eat aquarium foods, and the real measure of Panta Nouri’s new Polyp and Sponge formulation will be in the long term success of specialized feeders over the long term. Although the sponge and jellyfish ingredients of these two foods may be exotic compared to what we’re used to, the resulting foods are not that expensive, about 6€ for the 55 gram container and 12€ for the 130 gram jar.

Panta Nouri Polyp and Nouri Sponge are available in Europe from thePanta Rhei shop and will be available from Unique Corals in the U.S. in a few weeks.


Update: now it is available here


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