Hooray for Joe! We are proud to see you speak at Reefapalooza Chicago in Octorber

By Toni Nancy Xiong
on October 08, 2019

Hooray for Joe! We are proud to see you speak at Reefapalooza Chicago in Octorber

Ever wondered why some people can have a super enjoyable reefing experience, while others huff and puff, and labor through it all?  The process makes all the difference!

Joe is going to expound his knowledge in this area, and give step by step instructions on how to start and maintain an "ultra low maintenance" reef tank.

This one is not to be missed.  If you cannot personally attend Reefapalooza Chicago, don't worry.  BRS.tv will be recording the entire thing and will share it on Youtube.


Reefapalooza Orlando Wrap Up, $200 Gift Card Raffle Winner!

By Toni Nan Xiong
on April 12, 2019

Coming to your from Denver, Reefbuilders Coral Studio.

By Toni Nan Xiong
on March 06, 2019

Check out Joe's visit to the Reefbuilder studio, with guest appearances by Julan Sprung, Shane Danger Coleman, Anthony Blinoff, and the man himself Mr. Jake Adams.


Unique Behind the scenes at Reef Builders studio.

Posted by Joseph Caparatta on Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Great White Protein Skimmer Product Review by Afishionado for Reefs.com

By Toni Xlong
on February 14, 2019
"Last year during MACNA, I was hanging out and talking to my friend Sanjay Joshi and like we do at every trade show, I was asking him who he thinks that I should talk to and which product that I should check out. As soon as I said that, he led me to Dalua Australia's booth and introduced me to Christian and Anthony. Fast forward few months, here is what I found out personally about their flagship skimmer, appropriately (in my opinion, it catches the Aussie vibe very well) named Great White Shark skimmer. Check it out." - Afishionado

The Great White is back in stock! GW-5 & GW-10

A visit on a rainy day, by Eat_Sleep_Reef and Aquaman_shalom to our 6000sf coral warehouse

By Toni Xlong
on February 04, 2019

"Had a chance to visit unique corals. All I can say is what an amazing facility with amazing people behind it." - Eat_Sleep_Reef


Illumagic LED aquarium lighting - the perfect choice for full control and coloring up SPS

By Toni Xlong
on October 26, 2018

Hobbyist Richard Miller help demonstrates the Illumagic Blaze X 6 foot light in this video.

Joe's talk at MACNA 2018 Las Vegas - 20 yrs of Fish Guy in NYC

By Toni Xlong
on October 26, 2018

This past September at Marine Aquarium Conference of North America in Las Vegas, Joe was one of the keynote speakers at the event. The entire talk was recorded and put on Youtube, enjoy!


Manhattan Aquariums featured on Reefbuilders, Video Tour

By Toni Xlong
on July 24, 2018

As most of you know, Manhattan Aquariums, located at 522 W 37th st, Manhattan New York is the sister retail store to UniqueCorals.com.  Most of their corals are farmed right here in our facility, and we share many of the same systems and processes.  Recently, Jake Adams of Reefbuilders stopped in at the store for a quick tour, and this video is the result.  We are so happy he was able to make it, turning a pesky flight delay into a productive endeavor. =)

Take a look and feel free to comment on Youtube.


For more info, go to www.ManhattanAquariums.com

Here's a quick interview with Joe at the 2017 MACNA in New Orleans

By Toni Xlong
on January 15, 2018
Farm Boy Reef Channel:
Macna 2017
Joseph Caparatta interview:
Unique corals, DaStaCo, MarcroRocks, and Pax Bellum macro algae reactors. =)

The Power of DaStaCo

By Toni Xlong
on October 25, 2017

Recently Jake Adams of Reefbuilders visited Sanjay Joshi at his home to discuss his set up.

And here's the result! (DaStaCo segment starts at 12:00)



As you know, Unique Corals is the first to bring DaStaCo into the United States, and we are the only place where you can find this product.  If you want more information, just contact us!