Easier Shopping With 0% Financing and Split Pay Options

By Toni Nancy Xiong
on March 22, 2020

We know sometimes it's just easier to pay for purchases over time.  That's why Unique looked high and low to find you the best financing options.  

We are very excited to share with you, these amazing financing options are now live!  You just need a mobile phone #, and enter you name, and in just a couple of steps, you have your financing options available to you. You will easily qualify for 3 months at 0%, and 6 to 24 months options with low financing charges. The soft credit check do NOT impact your credit score, even if you re-apply many times a day.  You'll also have the choice of Split Pay, which divides the charge into equal payments on your credit card with NO financing charges or fee.

These are some of the best financing solutions available today for the reef hobbyist, or for any consumer for that matter.

Just shop as normal, when you add items to your cart, underneath the "Purchase" button, you'll see the financing button. Simply click on it to see what options are available to you.

You can apply here before you shop to see what shopping budget you are working with.

All your purchases will be managed in your personal Bread Dashboard.

Here a quick FAQ to further clarify.

Happy Reefing!

Black Friday & Thanksgiving Sale Specials Announced!

By Toni Nancy Xiong
on November 18, 2019

Black Friday & Thanksgiving Sale Specials Announced!

Holidays Season is finally here!

Tis the time to be merry and enjoy all those amazing savings.  We will have specials all week long November 25th to December 1st.

Our Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale is going to be huge this year! We have something special for every reefer in your life.

Without further ado, here are the savings: 

Pax Bellum ARID & Accessories-  20% off
DaStaCo Calcium Reactor & Accessories - 15% off
Panta Rhei Hydrowizard Pumps & Accessories - 10% off
Triton Bioscience - 15% off
Dalua Great White Skimmers - 20% off
Illumagic LED Lights & Accessories - 10% off
SeeClear MagSleeve - 20% off
XFLO UV Sterilizers - 10% off
MarcoRocks - 15% off
PolypLab - 15% off
Neptune Systems - 10% off

AND there will be jaw dropping livestock promos & doorbusters as well.

Keep your eyes peeled!


Often coupons can be found on these sites: WeThrift

Unique Corals Amazeballs Goni is the ‘’Homewrecker" of Flowerpot Corals

By Toni Xlong
on April 25, 2018

A recent feature on Reefbuilders.com"

It seems like flowerpot corals, Goniopora or gonies for short, have been on the verge of a tipping point in popularity for quite some time now. We’ve always had pretty good access to nicely colored Gonies in green, red and blues, but the new Amazeballs Goni from Unique Corals might finally really kick the demand for this group of corals into high gear. " 

Well guess what?  You'll get a chance to own your very own amazeballs this Saturday!  Coming up is our 6 years anniversary Live Sale on Reef2reef.  This very special event will feature $5, $10, $15 corals at steep discounts up to 90% off, as well as many top SPS LPS and limited release selections.  Sign up HERE.  You can win tons of prizes (no purchase necessary) AND earn UC rewards points while you shop.  This is a once in a lifetime event, not to be missed!  See you Saturday =)

read the full article: https://reefbuilders.com/2018/04/10/amazeballs-goni-unique-corals/