Unique Corals Amazeballs Goni is the ‘’Homewrecker" of Flowerpot Corals

A recent feature on Reefbuilders.com"

It seems like flowerpot corals, Goniopora or gonies for short, have been on the verge of a tipping point in popularity for quite some time now. We’ve always had pretty good access to nicely colored Gonies in green, red and blues, but the new Amazeballs Goni from Unique Corals might finally really kick the demand for this group of corals into high gear. " 

Well guess what?  You'll get a chance to own your very own amazeballs this Saturday!  Coming up is our 6 years anniversary Live Sale on Reef2reef.  This very special event will feature $5, $10, $15 corals at steep discounts up to 90% off, as well as many top SPS LPS and limited release selections.  Sign up HERE.  You can win tons of prizes (no purchase necessary) AND earn UC rewards points while you shop.  This is a once in a lifetime event, not to be missed!  See you Saturday =)

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