Reefbuilders Visiting the UC facility: Video

A great visit from Jake Adams of Reefbuilders recently resulted in this little video.



In just five short years Unique Corals has become not just a big player in online coral sales, but an ambassador of reef aquarium culture. Online coral vendors are as common as Seven Elevens but UC takes it one step further by souring their own corals, and even sponsoring their own unique coral collecting trips to exotic locales such as the Solomon Islands and more. 

On the hardware front UC has also been instrumental in introducing American reef aquarists to exotic product lines like DaStaCo calcium reactors from Belgium, Panta Rhei pumps from Germany, UltraReef acrylic devices from Italy and let’s not forget Triton additives and ICP testing. And let’s not forget, UC has been instrumental in spreading the word about Pax Bellum’s ARID Chaetomorpha reactors, one of the most imitated products of 2017!" - Reefbuilders

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Can’t wait to bring the 🔥 to Reefapalooza Orlando in April.