Acclimating your new saltwater fish

Acclimating your new saltwater fish

Adding livestock to your reef is one of the most exciting and nerve racking parts of our hobby. Your new addition may be an extremely rare fish or it may be your first clownfish, either way we as hobbyists want to ensure the smoothest and safest transition for our animals. Luckily, we have partnered with Marine Depot to find all the tools needed to help make the transition as stress free as possible.

Within this article we will break down our top acclimation tools to help introduce a new tank inhabitant into your aquarium. The main goal of this article is to help insure that the fish or coral you have purchased can be fully acclimated.

Innovative Marine Auqa Gadget AccuDrip Acclimator

The AccuDrip from Innovative Marine is one of the most trusted and common tools available to acclimate your livestock. This product was based off of the proven drip acclimation method which slowly adds your aquarium water into the container holding your new fish or coral. The AccuDrip allows users to control the drip rate and get a siphon started without needing to get your hands wet. In most cases, we recommend a flow rate of 1-3 drips per second, this allows you to add acclimated livestock to the tank after 15-45 minutes. Drip acclimation has and will continue to be one of the most common and easy forms of acclimation. Based on its reliability and ease of use The AccuDrip from Innovative Marine is our pick for the best acclimation tool to get your new fish or coral adjusted to your aquarium.


Marine Depot Acclimation and Quarantine Box

If you are looking for the best way to slowly introduce your new livestock to your existing tank inhabitants, look no further than the Marine Depot Acclimation and Quarantine box. This box is offered in two sizes that you may select depending on what type of livestock it will be holding. These boxes can be mounted on the side of your aquarium or attached with the included suction cups. These boxes allow plenty of water to pass through the without allowing the fish to escape. If you are worried about aggression from other fish in your tank this box is an ideal solution to slowly introduce a new species into your system. When it is time to fully introduce the new fish into your tank, the acclimation box includes a sliding door that you can pull up to release the fish out. This tank is made of high quality acrylic and is also very easy to assemble right out of the box. For all of these reasons, the Acclimation and Quarantine Box is one of the best tools for livestock acclimation.

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