There's a new way to shop for Triton products

There's a new way to shop for Triton products

Triton US is now a new store.  Please visit to shop for Triton products.

For a limited time, Triton products are on sale at the new store! Visit here to receive a special discount.

Same quality products, with added customer service and new exciting products coming soon!

Lab testing is still conducted at the Triton US laboratory in Los Angeles CA. Fast turn around times on ICP-OES tests with free shipping.





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Monday Madness LivieSale Flash Sale June 21st 3pm-10pm pst

Monday Madness LivieSale Flash Sale June 21st 3pm-10pm pst

Monday Madness FlashSale June 21st 3pm - 10pm pst

Reef2Reef Thread 

Monday Madness LivieSale Flash Sale
June 21st 3pm-10pm pst
Tons of new arrivals at killer prices!
Exclusive UC Solomon Islands corals coming in hot!

$5 corals, rewards, guarantee, win awesome prizes!

For every $5 coral, must also purchase a non-$5 coral, limit of two $5 coral total per customer. 
Awesome prizes: a prize coral, and 4 ICP tests for four winners.
Each purchaser will automatically be entered. Names are drawn at random. 

Due to already heavily discounted prices, and the high cost of shipping. you MUST purchase a $29.99 shipping module to purchase in the LiveSale category. No exceptions.  
No returns, no refunds, no substitutions on livestock. 
You must purchase a shipping module in order to participate in the LiveSale (unless you have paid for shipping on items from our main store, or have purchased $150 or more in the main store) 

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Triton Video on Plastics Saved

Thank you for helping to reduce waste in our oceans!


In keeping with TRITON’s commitment to constant innovation we looked at how we could improve the packaging of our products.
Care and conservation of our oceans, where most of the animals for our hobby are still sourced, led us to invest over half a million dollars (US) for a Tetra Pak filling machine.
The move to environmental/green packaging came at great cost to our company but unfortunately we understood that not all countries are committed to recycling. Instead of using recyclable plastic containers, which could still make their way into our oceans, we thought the best way to prevent pollution was to solve this problem at its source and shift away from plastic wherever possible.

This shift has seen us reduce the amount of plastic used by 95%, a saving of over 41 metric tonne of plastic by TRITON since we started this project.
That's equal to around 400,000 single use plastic bottles!
We want to say thank you to all our wholesalers and retailers that enabled this green shift as without their help this would not have been possible. 🤝

Youtube Vorschaubild von fallenden Plastikflaschen.
see the video here
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Are TRITON supplements expensive?

Are TRITON supplements expensive?

2021 is here and we are looking forward to the upcoming year with excitement!

We have recently developed several new products and made improvements to existing product lines.  Many customers have already enjoyed the benefits of these upgrades and solutions.
From time to time you still hear… ‘Supplementing with TRITON is expensive!”
But is it really so?

In fact it is the opposite

What does "Bulk Edition" actually mean compared to the normal 1 litre packaging unit?

With the same packaging size, but reduced material, production and shipping costs, you can create 4 litres of each component of Core7 (16L), instead of the standard 1 litre of each component Core7 (4L).

We are happy to pass on these savings, resulting in much reduced cost to the aquarist, for this distinctly pure and high-quality supplementation system.
Advantages of Core7 at a glance:
  • Highly concentrated complete solution including all necessary macro and trace elements.
  • High quality and free from impurities.
  • Suitable for all aquarium systems.
  • Has a pH stabilizing effect.
  • Does not contain organic carbons.
  • Designed to maintain optimal seawater parameters.
  • No water changes necessary.
  • Established due to the use and measurements on thousands of aquariums.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging.
The Core 7 Bulk Edition is widely available as Reef Supplements for Other Methods (all aquariums) and of course as Base Elements for the TRITON Method.

Where can I get it?

Find your local seller today on our website.
Look now
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Build your Box Bonus Week, Only at Unique Corals!!

Build your Box Bonus Week, Only at Unique Corals!!

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Huge Sale Going On!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Huge Sale Going On!

The huge sale event starts! Friday to Monday, new drops every day.
#memorialdayweekend #sale 20% off all #livestock #coral #fish #cleanup crew.
Don’t worry we been saving the goodies for ya.
#TGIF and see you around!

used code MW20

Plus great drygoods discounts too!  All these amazing brands will be on sale.

Triton 10% off
Dalua Great White skimmers 20% off
Illumagic 10% off
Magsleeve 10% off
Pants Rhei 5% off
DaStaCo 5% off
MarcoRocks 10% off
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Triton US features a world-class Triton Tank From Mexico

Triton US features a world-class Triton Tank From Mexico

"Hello fellow reefers and hobbyists, we will highlight some home Triton tanks from around the world in the coming weeks.

To kick off this series, we are excited to introduce to you Juan Gabriel's tank in Mexico. His 170 gallon tank has been consistently looking great for years, the SPS growth is phenomenal. Triton Method with no water changes for months now. Large algae bed and skimmer handling the nutrient export, Organics kept in check through Triton NDOC testing. Core 7 Base Elements dosed daily. Pics taken by Juan. Assistance by Raul Labastida. Lighting- Radion G5. Skimmer- Dalua Great White 10."

Full post found at



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TRITON Applied Reef Bioscience US Lab officially opens with free return shipping on ICP-OES water analysis

TRITON Applied Reef Bioscience US Lab officially opens with free return shipping on ICP-OES water analysis

Los Angeles - 

As of January 20th, US consumers can have their water tested and results uploaded within as little as 48HRS!

The grand opening of our long awaited TRITON Lab at Unique Corals in Los Angeles has finally arrived. Customers can enjoy water analysis results and TRITON’s unique AI recommendations within 48 hours of samples being received at our Los Angeles lab.

Along with rapid results and recommendations, all samples will now ship FREE back to the TRITON US Lab via USPS.  A first class return postage label is included in every testing kit. 

Simply peel off the label, affix it onto the box, drop it off in any mailbox or give it to your mailman.  Depending on your geographical location, the test will arrive at the lab within 1-3  working days.

The TRITON ICP-OES water analysis is not only about testing 36 aquarium parameters, more importantly, it is about providing customers with a deeper understanding of how these parameters affect their reef aquariums. With TRITON US Lab testing customers will receive analysis derived from the most qualified aquarium experts, with highest quality of service and advice. Triton testing is based on information derived from the world’s biggest and fastest growing database of aquarium lab analysis. TRITON’s unique recommendation system provides the user with easy-to-follow solutions based on test results, prioritized based on level of importance. Drop down tabs let you choose between habitats and problems commonly encountered to ensure that suggestions and solutions are far more customized for each client. Armed with knowledge, users can take informed and immediate action.


If you require further help our expert support team at the TRITON Help Desk ( is available to help you with any questions.

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Hooray for Joe! We are proud to see you speak at Reefapalooza Chicago in Octorber

Hooray for Joe! We are proud to see you speak at Reefapalooza Chicago in Octorber

Ever wondered why some people can have a super enjoyable reefing experience, while others huff and puff, and labor through it all?  The process makes all the difference!

Joe is going to expound his knowledge in this area, and give step by step instructions on how to start and maintain an "ultra low maintenance" reef tank.

This one is not to be missed.  If you cannot personally attend Reefapalooza Chicago, don't worry. will be recording the entire thing and will share it on Youtube.


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Introducing: The New Triton Infusion

After 10 years of development, the best way to run a reef system DIY.

Years ago, when we developed Core7, we started down a modular path by creating two versions - Core7 Base Elements and Core7 Reef Supplements.

Core7 Base Elements for the 100% TRITON Method, containing a mix of elements and other beneficial substances matching the TRITON framework, bringing users the success that TRITON is known for.

Core7 Reef Supplements made for customers not using the TRITON Method but still wanting the benefits of running the most concentrated and quality controlled product on the market without dilution agents or other sources of organic carbon.

Infusion is now taking this modular approach to the next level. The proven TRITON mix of elements and other beneficial substances, that were originally only available in the base elements, is now accessible for the users that don’t want to use Core7 for macro element supplementation (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sulfur, Bromide, etc….)

Infusion contains all traces and other beneficial substances, and their chelators, to keep them biologically available for example Iodine, Manganese, Vanadium, zinc, etc… while macro elements like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sulfur, Bromide, etc… would need to be supplied through the aquarist’s preferred macro element supplementation.

Infusion makes it possible for the aquarist to run the TRITON Method and enjoy all of its benefits, success and knowledge. It allows users to avoid water changes and access the world’s largest knowledge base, while still using a calcium reactor (CaRX calcium media) or Balling salts / two part / three part.


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A visit on a rainy day, by Eat_Sleep_Reef and Aquaman_shalom to our 6000sf coral warehouse

"Had a chance to visit unique corals. All I can say is what an amazing facility with amazing people behind it." - Eat_Sleep_Reef


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Have you heard about the brand new N-DOC test?

Have you heard about the brand new N-DOC test?

Brand new to market, and never before seen, the N-DOC Organics Professional Seawater Analysis is here!

Introducing expanded, high resolution testing for key Nitrogen compounds, Dissolved Organic Carbon and extended Alkalinity. Finally, reefkeepers can balance and control the nutrients that influence the abundance of bacteria, cyanobacteria and algae in closed reef systems.


  • Deliver insights into complex organic systems in seawater: Carbon and Nitrogen
  • Use N/C/P ratio to manage sources of Carbon / Amino acid and control their influence on bacteria and corals in reef aquaria. (*Note: P value measured separately via recent ICP test or manually)
  • Eliminate problems caused by blind dosing
  • Use for problem solving and determining the need for water changes
  • Troubleshoot common problems such as tissue necrosis and cyanobacteria
  • Measure true Alkalinity, free from external influences

In a nutshell, this test will allow the hobbyist to now have an accurate view of the ratio between Nitrate: Phosphate: Carbon. Up until recently we used the Redfield ratio to define “best” ratio nutrients to provide a healthy environment for Corals and macroalgae. This is only 2/3rds of the picture. The complete ratio will help people avoid cyano blooms, help general sps related issues and make the refugium much more healthy amongst other things. Correction advice is given on the NDOC results page. For example, if the ratio of inorganic to organic carbon is off, it would be advised to halt or slow down carbon dosing. Continued use without testing could easily lead to cyano blooms. Triton now offers BioBase as a perfectly balanced additive to kickstart the tank at this ratio. For example, if the tank is pushing along at an imbalance, simply adding the biobase will light the biological fire to burn off imbalances and set it right.

“The Nitrogen cycle in reef tanks is more complicated than the Nitrate measured with traditional test kits.

Likewise, Carbon and Alkalinity exist in more forms than have been measured in the past.

Collectively, these compounds feed the bacteria and algae that cause problems in reef tanks.

N-DOC organics solves this problem by accurately measuring the relevant organic compounds that trigger bacterial and algal blooms.

N-DOC puts the aquarist in complete control of reef husbandry.” -Ehsan Dashti, Triton Applied Bio Reef Science Founder


Kit includes water vials, and return shipping box. This item ships for free.



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