Have you heard about the brand new N-DOC test?

Have you heard about the brand new N-DOC test?

Brand new to market, and never before seen, the N-DOC Organics Professional Seawater Analysis is here!

Introducing expanded, high resolution testing for key Nitrogen compounds, Dissolved Organic Carbon and extended Alkalinity. Finally, reefkeepers can balance and control the nutrients that influence the abundance of bacteria, cyanobacteria and algae in closed reef systems.


  • Deliver insights into complex organic systems in seawater: Carbon and Nitrogen
  • Use N/C/P ratio to manage sources of Carbon / Amino acid and control their influence on bacteria and corals in reef aquaria. (*Note: P value measured separately via recent ICP test or manually)
  • Eliminate problems caused by blind dosing
  • Use for problem solving and determining the need for water changes
  • Troubleshoot common problems such as tissue necrosis and cyanobacteria
  • Measure true Alkalinity, free from external influences

In a nutshell, this test will allow the hobbyist to now have an accurate view of the ratio between Nitrate: Phosphate: Carbon. Up until recently we used the Redfield ratio to define “best” ratio nutrients to provide a healthy environment for Corals and macroalgae. This is only 2/3rds of the picture. The complete ratio will help people avoid cyano blooms, help general sps related issues and make the refugium much more healthy amongst other things. Correction advice is given on the NDOC results page. For example, if the ratio of inorganic to organic carbon is off, it would be advised to halt or slow down carbon dosing. Continued use without testing could easily lead to cyano blooms. Triton now offers BioBase as a perfectly balanced additive to kickstart the tank at this ratio. For example, if the tank is pushing along at an imbalance, simply adding the biobase will light the biological fire to burn off imbalances and set it right.

“The Nitrogen cycle in reef tanks is more complicated than the Nitrate measured with traditional test kits.

Likewise, Carbon and Alkalinity exist in more forms than have been measured in the past.

Collectively, these compounds feed the bacteria and algae that cause problems in reef tanks.

N-DOC organics solves this problem by accurately measuring the relevant organic compounds that trigger bacterial and algal blooms.

N-DOC puts the aquarist in complete control of reef husbandry.” -Ehsan Dashti, Triton Applied Bio Reef Science Founder


Kit includes water vials, and return shipping box. This item ships for free.