The #UCgrowout Contest and Giveaway Sept 2019 to March 2020

Official Rules:
Purchase growout frags here:

Hello all,
welcome to the #UCgrowout contest. Its always exciting to bring home that new gem with major potential. This competition will highlight a sweet tenuis that has started to already show some real potential. Hints of pinks, oranges and yellows are already beginning to show!!!!!
-The contest will begin the first week of September. Final judging will commence the first week of May 2020. 
-Each frag will be purchased ahead of time and delivered on the customer's requested delivery date.
-Different sized frags will be available to purchase at different price points- ( Please note the contest is not based on final size but final overall growth from each frags first photo to last. Purchasing a larger frag does not mean you will have an advantage.) 
-Frags will go on sale Saturday August 10th at 12pm pst. They will be first come first serve on our website. Please search "ucgrowout" to find them on our website.
- Each contestant will be required to post a picture of their frag by the first Sunday of each month or they will be disqualified. 
-The pictures are to be taken in the same spot of the tank from month to month so there is a reference for overall growth. We do however encourage additional pictures showing off color and growth from different angles as well and additional videos. 
- One photo in actinics and one photo in whites is required each month. We suggest using a polyp lab lens for actinic photos. 
-The frags will be judged on overall growth and overall color. 
-There will be a winner for the most overall growth and one for the best overall growth and color.
-A $25 shipping module will need to be purchased for the frag at the time of purchase. You are welcome to add it to any UC order that qualifies for free shipping for no additional charge. 
-Please share with hashtag #UCgrowout
-Please sign up for Contest List below

Post details of your tank with your first picture for the month of September.
Please list the following:
1. What lights you are using?
2. Are you using a doser or CaRx?
3. Do you dose aminos or use any other supplements?

First Place: Winner will submit a name for this new upcoming UC Signature Piece, UC Jd Jr. frag, Polyp lab food, and 3 UC Signature Acro Frags! WOW! Retail value of $1400+
Best overall growth: Polyp lab food, 4 Pc Acropora frag pack. Retail value of $500+
UC JD Jr..jpg



Good luck, and have fun out there!

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$200 Gift Card giveaway. Winner announced!

$200 Gift Card giveaway. Winner announced!


We are excited to form a Facebook Community Group for our fans and customers! We are going to kick off this group with a giveaway raffle promotion! Please read the rules and prizes below!

1st Place Grand Prize: $200 Gift Card for
2nd/ 3rd Place Prize: Triton N-Doc Test Kit
4th/ 5th Place Prize: $25 Gift Card for

Additional prize was added a week before the drawing, for a one hour FaceTime consultation with Joe himself, about anything and everything for your reeftank, build, corals, or just life!  

In order to enter and qualify for a chance to win any one of the prizes above you must do the following:

Go to the post here:

1. COMMENT in thread, in NUMERICAL ORDER and TAG a friend
2. SHARE the post!

That’s it! We will do a Facebook live drawing once we’ve reached 1000! Remember to have fun and keep on reefing!



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Our 4 year anniversary Live Sale on Reef2reef winners announced!

Our 4 year anniversary Live Sale on Reef2reef winners announced!

Winners Announced!  Super congratulations to our winners, and a huge thank you to all those that participated.  We can't wait to bring you our very best corals for the next Live Sale, coming in Oct 2018.
The live drawing video:
Please enjoy!  Happy reefing.

Raffle Prizes:
  1. A Triton pack of 3 ICP tests and 3 trace elements- Heather Mann
  2. Grafted Patina Monti shipped- AvaS
  3. E.T. Acropora shipped- Jason Badersnider
  4. $50 gift certificate to Caleb Brinkly
  5. $50 gift certificate to Lollipop
  6. $50 gift certificate to Joseph Safran 
  7. ICP Test for Most Livestock Purchased- Ermin Cheung 

Recap of the procedure: purchase a shipping module. We'll automatically combine shipping for you, no matter how many separate times you checkout. No more than four $5 corals per person. For every $5 coral you must purchase another coral as well. All corals will be WYSIWYG on the thread. All orders are final, no refunds, exchanges, credits, promotional gift cards, coupons, or extra discounts will be applied in the sale. Our Guarantee covers all the corals we ship. If you have a question please ask through thread posts or PM, as our admin office will be closed on Saturday. Regular office hours starts Monday morning. If you ask for a customization or substitution, we will try to accommodate you but please understand this will delay your ship date. There is NO FREE SHIPPING unless combined with another order from our website over $150 in Livestock.


Some lucky collectors got pieces of the Amazaballs Goniapora, congrats to these discerning reefers.

Goniopora sp- 1.5" UC Amazeballs Goniopora
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