$200 Gift Card giveaway. Winner announced!

$200 Gift Card giveaway. Winner announced!



We are excited to form a Facebook Community Group for our fans and customers! We are going to kick off this group with a giveaway raffle promotion! Please read the rules and prizes below!

1st Place Grand Prize: $200 Gift Card for UniqueCorals.com
2nd/ 3rd Place Prize: Triton N-Doc Test Kit
4th/ 5th Place Prize: $25 Gift Card for UniqueCorals.com

Additional prize was added a week before the drawing, for a one hour FaceTime consultation with Joe himself, about anything and everything for your reeftank, build, corals, or just life!  

In order to enter and qualify for a chance to win any one of the prizes above you must do the following:

Go to the post here: 

1. COMMENT in thread, in NUMERICAL ORDER and TAG a friend
2. SHARE the post!

That’s it! We will do a Facebook live drawing once we’ve reached 1000! Remember to have fun and keep on reefing!

Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/UniqueCorals/