Happy Labor Day 2022! Huge savings for you!

Happy Labor Day 2022! Huge savings for you!

Wow it's already September! And we are so happy to celebrate Labor Day with you. 

UniqueCorals in collaboration with Reef2Reef will have a Monday FlashSale, offering over 1000 corals! Deep discounts on exciting WYSIWYG corals and all backed by our guarantee.

Link to Sale page

Link to Reef2Reef Thread


We will also have daily uploads and 20% off on all livestock on our regular site Friday to Monday, plus amazing drygoods specials.

This will a very memorable holiday indeed.


Also we had our Labor Day Monday FlashSale:

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you all for joining us during this amazing livesale event!!
1st - Adrian Delsi
2nd - E-van D. Dessasau III
3rd- Katherine Carter
4th- Dean Bliss

Our best Monday FalshSale event yet! 65 corals will drop every 30 minutes on Reef2Reef Thread. Over 1100+ corals available at up to 75% off, WYSIWYG hand picked livestock, pest free Aquacultured coral all backed by our 7 day Guarentee. $5 frags, $10 frags and other amazing bargains galore! Torches, Hammers, Goniopora, Acropora, Scolymia, Blastos, Zoanthids and more! Collector's SPS, UC Signature, classic corals, new releases, frags, colonies and everything in between.

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Huge Sale Going On!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Huge Sale Going On!

The huge sale event starts! Friday to Monday, new drops every day.
#memorialdayweekend #sale 20% off all #livestock #coral #fish #cleanup crew.
Don’t worry we been saving the goodies for ya.
#TGIF and see you around!

used code MW20

Plus great drygoods discounts too!  All these amazing brands will be on sale.

Triton 10% off
Dalua Great White skimmers 20% off
Illumagic 10% off
Magsleeve 10% off
Pants Rhei 5% off
DaStaCo 5% off
MarcoRocks 10% off
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Illumagic Blaze X LED lights available now

Illumagic Blaze X LED lights available now

Robert on Social media asked:"What makes them unique?"

Our answer is:

The main factors are: 

1) The build quality is the best in the world. Extremely strong outer casing, highest and most efficient heat dissipation in its class. It's a retail light built for commercial use and used by all the collectors in Australia. 

2) The lenses used will never burn, fade or go yellow allowing maximum par for years down the road. The lenses also have a triple diffusion technology meaning the light is perfectly blended even before it hits the water surface. So basically maximum par with maximum light diffusion. 

3) Both freshwater and marine spectrums have been tested for over 4 years (in this model) in both coral farms and for freshwater aquascaping professionals. 

4) LED spectrum is similar to other brands which also work well. However Illumagic chooses to use 33% UV and cyan instead of green for what they have measured to be better growth and colour for coral in the long term. Cyan is very different to green and is great for gold and orange pigments.

5) Fully customizable, and every unit comes with free mobile app to control your lights from anywhere.

6) Super clean profile and design, less wires, use the included hanging kits, also available are optional ghost floating legs.

7) For this quality and build, its an unbeatable price.

Find out for yourself! From model X to the 6 foot, marine to freshwater, tank to fuge, there is an Illumagic light that fits your aquarium needs.

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Illumagic LED aquarium lighting - the perfect choice for full control and coloring up SPS

Hobbyist Richard Miller help demonstrates the Illumagic Blaze X 6 foot light in this video.

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