Triton Video on Plastics Saved

Thank you for helping to reduce waste in our oceans!


In keeping with TRITON’s commitment to constant innovation we looked at how we could improve the packaging of our products.
Care and conservation of our oceans, where most of the animals for our hobby are still sourced, led us to invest over half a million dollars (US) for a Tetra Pak filling machine.
The move to environmental/green packaging came at great cost to our company but unfortunately we understood that not all countries are committed to recycling. Instead of using recyclable plastic containers, which could still make their way into our oceans, we thought the best way to prevent pollution was to solve this problem at its source and shift away from plastic wherever possible.

This shift has seen us reduce the amount of plastic used by 95%, a saving of over 41 metric tonne of plastic by TRITON since we started this project.
That's equal to around 400,000 single use plastic bottles!
We want to say thank you to all our wholesalers and retailers that enabled this green shift as without their help this would not have been possible. 🤝

Youtube Vorschaubild von fallenden Plastikflaschen.
see the video here