Best in class: superior quality and value, quiet and efficient, The Great White protein skimmer

Best in class: superior quality and value, quiet and efficient, The Great White protein skimmer

We have a new kid on the block - for the first time to market, the Dalua Great White is making splashes.

It's been called the best in class - with superior quality and value, it is also extremely quiet and efficient.

At MACNA September 2018, Las Vegas, we had the U.S release of the Australian designed and developed Great White Skimmers by Dalua and UniqueCorals. Dalua Australia currently also has the Illumagic LED lighting in its catalogue.


The Great White skimmers GW-5 and GW-10 were extremely well received when it debuted at Reef Stock Australia in August of 2018 (, the consumer response was phenomenal. Dalua received numerous orders for commercial coral growers as well as individual hobbyists.


Everyone from Dr. Sanjay Joshi to MetroKat is talking about these skimmers.



The Great White’s notable features include:

  • Fully tuned and high air intake out of the box due to the custom air inductors designed and manufactured individually for each skimmer size and pump rating whether it be 60hz US or 50hz rest of world ratings
  • The quietest skimmer in its class - a lot of work going into the small yet not insignificant air silencer. Dalua registered only 52 decibels in tests.
  • Extremely small, yet elegant foot print and discharge design
  • Simple diffuser, which is designed for both top and side bubble dispersion for greater contact time
  • An injection moulded super rugged design, almost unbreakable
  • Equipped with an Italian made Eden pump rated at 700 gallons per hour (2,800lph)
  • 2 year no hassle warranty, best in the industry
  • Plug and play out of the box, including extremely ease of maintenance cleaning, pull apart and put together.



The easy to use, in-sump design offers a very efficiently small footprint.


In terms of quality of build, functionality, pricing, and peace of mind, the Great White line of skimmer is poised to become an industry leader.


$399 for the GW-10 rated to 250 gallons and $329 for the GW-5 for tanks up to 125 gallons, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better skimmer for the same price or cheaper.


Currently being used in some of the most renowned aquariums, stores and facilities in the world with the likes of Sanjay Joshi, Randy Donowitz and Ningaloo Centre Aquarium the Great White skimmers are sure to fulfill your needs.


Feel free to contact Dalua Australia Products & Support Group ( for full support anytime.


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