Pax Bellum and STAX featured in ReefBuilders Best of 2017

In the past, we have had Triton featured as one of their best, as you remember, Unique is the first to bring Triton into the US.

We are happy to see another two products that's near and dear to our hearts featured!

The Pax Bellum, and the STAX (by Two Little Fishes in collaboration with MarcoRocks)!

Joe got involved with Pax Bellum very early on, instantly recognizing its potential in this hobby.  We are very excited to see Pax get the recognition it deserves.  Stay tuned to to see what else they have coming on line!

STAX was the brain child of Julian Sprung of Two Little Fishes.  In collaboration with MarcoRocks, this brand new product is perfect for small to medium sized tanks and is so versatile, our customers are raving about it.  

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