UniqueCorals 1 day Instagram Sale, Saturday March 21st, 10am - 2pm

UniqueCorals 1 day Instagram Sale, Saturday March 21st, 10am - 2pm

This Saturday on Instagram.com/UniqueCorals only, we'll be having a super fun flash sale - the Instasale!  From 10am to 2pm Pacific Time, amazing coral deals will be posted throughout, and you'll have lots of chances to score big! Check out what's new - Solomon Island corals, Acros, SPS, LPS, sticks, and colonies too!  Amazing deals to be had.  You'll earn UC reward points for every purchase as well.

All UPS overnight shipping remain normal operations at this time. 


Please share the news with your friends on Instagram, FB, forums etc, tag #UniqueCorals

Full rules:
We have a full program lined up for you guys with amazing bargains and gems galore. You will not be disappointed!

Teaser pictures will be posted every 15 minutes starting at 10am on Saturday.  At this point they will be ready for purchase on the Instasale Tab on our website.  Good Luck and happy reefing!! 

Corals will be going for 35 to 80% off! Plus $5 specials too!

If you do not buy anything, we will gladly refund your $ in full for the shipping module by Tuesday.

Shopping: Limit of two $5 corals per person, for every $5 coral, you must purchase one non-$5 coral.

What to do first:
You MUST first purchase an Instasale shipping module HEREThen shop as much as you like and we'll automatically combine shipping for you.  And you will earn UC Reward for every dollar spent!

During the Instasale, please check out by selecting the "Add-On/Pick-Up/Test Only" option for Free shipping (since you have purchased a shipping Module already).

Earn UC Reward points on all your purchases. And we combine all shipping automatically for free (provided one shipping module was purchased), so checkout as many times as you like!

All orders are final, no refunds, exchanges, credits, promotional gift cards, coupons, or extra discounts will be applied in the sale. Our Guarantee covers all the corals we ship. If you ask for a customization or substitution, we will try to accommodate you but please understand this may delay your ship date. Our office opens on Monday morning. 

Intel: The $5 corals will be spaced throughout. With so many choice items, competition is fierce, be ready for some fast clicking! We do suggest you register with UniqueCorals.com first with your shipping information so you will have a fast checkout experience. If you are already a registered UniqueCorals customer, great, you are all set to go. There is NO FREE SHIPPING unless combined with another order from our website over $150 in Livestock.

Have Fun: You can count on Unique to have the best coral selection, prices, true to WYSIWYG corals, and amazing prizes! All LiveStock is backed by our guarantee, buy with confidence!


note: please bear with us if you have a question and we cannot respond immediately.  During these uncertain times, some of our staff have taken leave, to be with their families, etc. We are running a skeleton admin crew per government recommendations.  Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.