Panta Rhei USB Adapter Kit - For optional programming of the ECM 42 pumps

SKU: panta Rhei USB adapter kit

This USB kit will allow the pumps to access the Panta Rhei Panta Logic software. The software will allow you to create many wave profiles and modifications.

To simply program/setup 1, 6 or 100 of our pumps you need only one USB Adapter kit and a Laptop (MS Windows 7 or higher).

You can decide to take the USB Adapter kit away after the setup (the pumps will continue the programmed parameters/modi, profiles, etc.). If doing this you will need a set of BUS Terminators.

Or you may decide to keep the USB Adapter kit connected to the installed device/s in order to easily monitor or modify the programming, whenever you want.

To connect several pumps and to control them you need the adequate quantity (and length) of BUS cables (for 6 pumps = 5 cables) plus 2 BUS Terminators, necessary to close the voltage and data circuit.