DaStaCo 2 Pro Cal PURE Media for Calcium Reactors- 20kg Box

SKU: DaStaCo 2 Media for Calcium Reactors- 20kg Bucket
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*Now in a box (formerly in a bucket)

DaStaCo2 Media for Calcium Reactors-  There are all kinds of impurities to be found in even the best of calcium reactor media, even the best and cleanest limestones, aragonites and “coral bones” have impurities that can definitely build up in aquarium water as it is dissolved in a calcium reactor to provide calcium and alkalinity. DaStaCo Media is made of a certain type of coarse marble mineral which is already much more dense and with less impurity than typical limestone. Because of its dense structure, DaStaCO recommends running the pH inside of the reactor at 6.0. Rinse thoroughly before use to remove any fines attached to the media. May be used in DaStaCo calcium reactors, as well as any other brand.  

Though not cheap, this media will last much longer than traditional calcium reactor media due to its dense and less porous state.  It will dissolve more steadily as well. On our 5,000 gallon system at Unique we will have gone a bit over 1 year without having to open up the reactor to add media. We run a Dastaco ExtremA-13 with heavy Alk and Ca demands.  

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