MarcoRocks Coralline The Perfect Mix



With MarcoRock's "The Perfect Mix" box, you'll find just the right mix of MR Coralline Foundation, MR Coralline Hybrid, and MR Coralline Shelf to make aquascaping enjoyable. With these coralline rocks that naturally stack together, you can choose between a loose stacking or a scape with arches and ledges that can be mortared with matching MR E-400 Coralline for a permanent hold. With a recommended usage of 20 lbs per 30 gallons of display tank volume; simply add more boxes to scape a larger tank.  Available in both 20lb and 40lb boxes. 

Some Key Points:

  1. Easily build stunning aquascapes with the perfect mix of MR Coralline Foundation, MR Coralline Shelf, and MR Coralline Hybrid rock.
  2. MarcoRocks "no paint process" retains superb porosity for biological advantages.
  3. Increased porosity and buffering capacity means there is no longer a tradeoff between instant gratification and long-term success.
  4. Because it is all-natural, each piece is unique and beautiful.
  5. The perfect choice for beginners and pros alike.

MarcoRocks has the finest natural aquarium rock available to the aquarium enthusiast today. It is a once live natural reef rock.  Never any chemicals, additives. Often, you can spot fossilized corals! Isn't that amazing?