ECM 42 Hydrowizard PRO, Panta Rhei

Panta Rhei

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The Panta Rhei EMC42 Hydro Wizard is a state of the art in-tank super high flow, silent, propeller pump. German designed and engineered for superior performance and efficiency. Silent Movement of over 2,968 gph. Supplied controller allows for Variable speed settings. 

-NEW: Two Button Configuration included on all ECM 42 HW Pumps models, no longer requires USB Adapter to create wave/pulse settings. Freely change between Flow Mode, Wave Mode, or Profile Mode. 

- Includes super magnets to mount the Hydrowizard to the side of your aquarium.

- Flow Rate: up to 2,968 gph 

- Power Consumption: up to 31 watts 

US Version so no inverter is required. (110V input)

  • Diver safe ~50 watts operating power at pump.
  • Improvements over The ECM 42 Hydrowizard include:
  • Works with glass up to 20mm thick.
  • Black body with tighter spacing between intake fins means less chance of sucking up an unsuspecting fish or snail. 
  • Improved Impeller design increases pump efficiency.
  • 5m cable vs 2m on the ECM 42

Wave Settings Instructions: HERE

Note: For advanced settings such as Profile mode, syncing/anti-syncing, master/slave settings the USB Adapter is still required (sold separately) but for most applications the USB adapter is simply not needed.