Peristaltic Tubing for DaStaCo2 Calcium Reactor


Sold as a single Peristaltic Tubing or as a 3 pack.  (Please note the option for the c2 compact reactor size)   All non compact reactors utilize the standard size tubing.   These are imported from AMS in Belgium.  Precisely the right length, complete with cable ties already in place.  We do not advise using locally sourced tubing.  

Recommended to replace this part inside the pump every 3-4 months BEFORE any issues arise.  This is the single most important thing you can do for the maintenance of the reactor.  Make sure you do not twist the tubing when installing it.  Line up both red lines to face you. Do not use grease or lubricant.  5 minute install and very easy to do. 

 Also pictured inside the pump for reference.