SeeClear Inside Algae Magnet Sleeve (L)



Acrylic aquariums are beautiful and functional. However, they require special products to ensure that they are properly cared for. One of the leading acrylic aquarium re-finishers in the country is See Clear. Owner Matt Conrad is a lifelong aquarium geek, and understands the unique needs of our hobby. During his years of refinishing and customizing acrylic aquariums worldwide, Matt began to develop a line of products that help make keeping acrylic aquariums in great shape much easier! We were so impressed with Matt's work on our display aquariums here at our facility, that we did not hesitate to offer his products to you!

See Clear Outside Algae Magnet Sleeve - If you own an acrylic aquarium, you understand that they can be a bit touchy to take care of! If you're not extra careful, it's very easy to scratch them while conducting routine tasks, such as scraping algae. That's why we're thrilled to offer these terrific algae magnet sleeves from See Clear, the leaders in acrylic aquarium refinishing. Owner Matt Conrad has worked with hundreds of acrylic aquariums, and he knows what works! These sleeves utilize materials that are tough on algae and exterior surface films, but very gentle on your precious aquarium! The pouch-like Magnet Sleeves are available in multiple sizes to fit major manufacturers' algae magnets. They are compatible with nearly all sizes of Magfloat, Algae Free, Magnavore and Mighty Magnet algae scrubbers.  If you want to use the product trusted by pros, use what we use- The Sea Clear Magnet Sleeves!