DaStaCo Calcium Reactors - Why The Pros Turn To DaStaCo To Grow Their Reefs

These Belgium made Calcium Reactors have been the Go-To reactors for the world’s most demanding reefers for over a decade.  Utilizing an ultra reliable mechanical float to maintain constant Co2 saturation within the unit, DaStaCo’s have effectively removed the need for the bubble counter, flow meter and ph Probe found in conventional units.  

Mineral output is precisely dialed in by a single supplied controller that allows more CaRx effluent to discharge to the sump with the turn of a dial.  The recommend marble media dissolves perfectly at the Co2 saturation pH of 6.0.  Using pure dense limestone instead of crushed coral skeletons not only allows the user to go much longer between media additions but it also results in super steady Alk levels.  Easily connects to an Apex to receive alerts.  For the ultimate in Alk control, combine the unit with an Alkatronic from Focustronic.   

DaStaCo calcium reactor is an indispensable tool to take your reefing to the next level.  We use these units on our raceways at UniqueCorals. They are on sale for a limited time.