More UC Lore

More UC Lore

Someone asked "O I thought Unique Corals was around for a lot more than just four years!"

Which is true!

Here's a bit more background.

Unique Corals was the brain child of Joseph Caparatta.  At the time he was living in New York city and operating Manhattan Aquariums retail store, which is located at 522 W 37th st on the Westside.  As online shopping was gaining popularity, Joe thought it would be great to branch out and reach more customers through this platform - and UniqueCorals Inc. was born.  

Los Angeles is the hub for coral important and exchange activity.  Joe always wanted to move to a sunny locale, so why not marry the two passions and start a facility in LA?  Joe formally started building out the 6000sf facility in 2011 to the highest standards, and as they say, the rest was history.

So, if you happen across an old logo or banner of Unique Corals from 10 years ago, you are looking at a piece of history!