We all know how important it is to maintain proper levels of the major ions in saltwater.  Things like Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium should always be on a good reefkeeper's radar and adjusted quickly if they should ever fall out of line.  But what about the lesser understood ions?  How do we best address ions like Molybdenum, Iodine or Vanadium? One way to check, adjust and maintain these important trace elements is through corrective and maintenance dosing via Triton.  It is way easier than it seems.  Using the data reported back to you via your Triton Lab ICP test, you can easily correct issues on ions as mentioned above.  


What I do is this-  I set up my laptop next to the computer, pull out my triton trace element bottles, grab a 1 ml dropper and a 50 ml dosing cylinder and a pair of latex gloves (can never be too safe).  Then I go down the dosage chart on the report and make a simple list of all the dosages needed to get me back to NSW levels (Natural Sea Water).  This list typically has 4 or 5 things on it with dosages ranging from 4 ml to 200 ml depending on the ion.  I then write down what will be dosed today, tomorrow and the following day if necessary.  The data sheet provides all this information in a very easy to use format.  Doing this also makes me feel like a mad scientist.  Dosing exotic elements is quite empowering too I must admit.  I go down the list one at a time, double checking everything, dosing everything for that day until I'm done.  It is a way more precise way of dosing only what is needed, based on actual data, rather than simply blind dosing, doing water changes or dosing based on how the coral looks.  


Oh and the best part is that the corals will really thank you for it too!  Happy reefing.